triple chocolate

why pick one chocolate, when you can have THREE smooshed *technical term* inside our OG chocolate cookie dough?! the answer is you shouldn't have an answer because there is no good answer #eyesemoji


white chocolate raspberry

you know how there's always that one REAL fancy, gets extra guac every time friend? this cookie pie is that friend. our signature vanilla cookie dough with a whittaker's white chocolate and freeze dried raspberry disc...#shefancydough


OG salted chocolate chip

the OG of OGs. this mini cookie pie is chonky chonkerooood up with enough whittakers milk chocolate to feed a small family (but we also heard it's quite delightful when consumed solo) and topped with just the right amount of flaked salt to make you go "YOM" which is also said best in your own company - see where this is going?


chocolate PB

really, really not for the fainthearted and really, really for the peanut butter luverzzzzz out there. OMD's chocolate cookie dough fa-fa-FILLED with pic's chunky peanut butter, drizzled in whittaker's dark choc and crushed we said; #containsnuts



does this really need an intro? this is about as much biscoff as it is cookie dough and no one is mad about it. especially me after 37 taste tests later #qualitycontrol



it's a SCHQUIG! unbelievably popular last year, we had to bring this guy back. chocolate cookie dough crammed with griffin's squiggle pieces and topped with another squig, cause we like things done doubly well around here #doubletrouble


nutella 100s&1000s

your childhood dreams of fairy bread and being left unsupervised with the jar of nutella have finally come true. OMD chocolate cookie dough vs. a 100s&1000s nutella disc...and we think the disc won #excellent



look, we like the biscuit on cookie pie action here, not gonna lie. therefore, there was no way we could keep timtams outta the mix. our OMD vanilla dough wraps around a whittaker's milk chocolate AND arnott's timtam disc and the topping? exactly the same my friends #weloveyou


caramel snickerdoodle

we have zero chill with cinnamon so expect this cookie pie to taste like christmas and all things as joyful as hugh grant dancing down the stairs. it's also not christmas with a topper so we drizzled this spicy wee number in mind numblingly delicious caramel #merrycookiepiemas


white chocolate oreo

first you twist it, then you lick it, then you dunk it? na too much admin mate. heat it up, eat it then ask for another cause it's THAT good. chocolate cookie dough, an oreo'ed white chocolate disc topped with all of that again because you're both #worthit



how happy are you that you scrolled down this far? i would never do you like that and leave this out! caramilk is a part of my life and now it can be a part of yours. we kept it simple; vanilla cookie dough with a LORGE caramilk disc #ifitaintbroke


white chocolate sprinkles

not the party cookie pieeeee. our birthday cake inspired cookie pie is OMD's vanilla dough, with whittaker's white chocolate and 100s&1000s sprinkles having a dance battle. dance-off ends when the cookie pie has been fully consumed...we estimate 5-9 seconds #makeitquick