terms & conditions

please read through the following terms and conditions carefully before placing an order with ohmydough.nz

by placing an order with ohmydough.nz you agree to comply with these terms and conditions.

if you have any queries or questions about your order or ohmydough.nz please contact us via email - ohmydoughnz@gmail.com

all ohmydough.nz orders

all prices are in NZD and include GST unless otherwise stated

all orders placed with ohmydough.nz are subject to acceptance at our discretion. if we do not accept an order (which is rare) we will let you know why and if required, refund the order promptly

if you do not pick up your order on the specified day and time, full payment for your ohmydough.nz cookie pie order will be required

you agree that you are purchasing the products for your personal use only, and not for purpose of trade or business. if you wish to purchase goods for the purpose of trade or business please contact us at ohmydoughnz@gmail.com

for a refund of your order, please contact ohmydough.nz via email with sufficient notice (as stated previously)

refunds will be processed within 3 business days of request, if this complies with our terms and conditions

all information shared with ohmydough.nz will be held in strict confidence. this will not be shared with anyone, nor any third parties. for any further information please contact us via email

custom ohmydough.nz orders

custom ohmydough.nz cookie pie orders require a minimum of three business days' notice

payment for your custom ohmydough.nz cookie pie order is required upon the time of ordering

custom cookie pie orders will vary in price depending on request, starting at $35 (NZD)

if a custom ohmydough.nz cookie pie order is cancelled within 48 hours, full payment will be required

pick up

your pick up day and time are your responsibility, no reminder will be sent for your order

pick up days are saturdays ONLY, (unless pre-arranged otherwise), please comply with covid-19 guidelines and wear a mask on arrival for your pick up